StoriesToEntertain.com is dedicated to entertainment, whether it is conveyed through written words, audio, video, or something else. Even with the advent of ubiquitous, instantaneous communication, we need stories. In fact, we need them more than ever before. Perhaps we need them so much because of the ubiquity of the internet. Perhaps it is a way to scratch a deeper itch. Whatever the reason is, StoriesToEntertain.com seeks to provide you the stories you want in the manner you want them when you want them.

The website has gone through some major facelifts and will undoubtedly go through others as we continue to grow and evolve. We have changed the menu structure to better illuminate stories and how we find them. The new structure emphasizes fiction vs. nonfiction. Subgenres within those categories will be listed on the fiction and nonfiction category pages. New subgenres will appear in the list as they are used to classify the various stories. We are open to any genre of fiction or nonfiction at all. Videos and audios will be items in these lists, just as stories, excerpts, poems, and full books will be.

As an incentive for authors and other creators to share their creations through the StoriesToEntertain.com website for free, we are offering to share a healthy portion of the ad revenue generated by the site with those creators. Revenue going to each creator will be calculated based on the proportion of unique visitors that go to their page(s).

There are folks who object to advertising and would prefer that it not be present at all. We certainly hear those objections but advertising appears to be with us until we can formulate a way to reward those creators without it. However on StoriesToEntertain.com, we have restricted the ads to the far right-hand side and a single banner across the top. We hope that this will not be too intrusive. It is similar to the advertising on the search results on Google.com.

We are aware of current moves by some to create stealth advertising or other ways to incorporate advertising in entertainment. In fact, there is a program whereby authors are paid to incorporate certain words into their blogs and stories. They are used for advertising. We would never do that or utilize any form of stealth advertising.

We are looking into ways to compensate creators and maintain the website that don’t rely on advertising. As those possibilities develop, the advertising model may disappear completely. An added benefit may also be that you, as the reader of the website, may have more direct involvement with your favorite creators.

More to follow…

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