The Bower’s Harbor Inn

by Ingrid Dean

By Lester Jones [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

My partner and I were working the midnight shift. It was a cloudy, windy night. He was telling me about an encounter that he and another officer had with our local haunted restaurant, the Bower’s Harbor Inn. The fact that we were driving on a stretch of road on a peninsula that was directly across from the restaurant reminded him of the story.

In the middle of his monologue, Central Dispatch called for available units to respond to an alarm—at the Bower’s Harbor Inn! Of course, we were the closest unit, so we responded.

When we arrived at the restaurant, my partner went around one side of the building and I went around the other. I noticed a stairway leading up to a door on the second floor. I climbed the stairs to check the door. When I turned the handle, the door opened. I gently pulled the door closed so that it rested on the casing—but it wasn’t completely shut. I notified my partner that I had discovered an open door.

When the key holder arrived, he let us into the building. My partner and I cleared the first floor of the restaurant and then proceeded to the second floor. When we reached the door I had left open, it was completely shut and locked! In order to open the door again, we had to use the key.

There was nobody in the building.

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