SITE NITE – 5 Years of Connecting People: An interview with Regina Rivers, Kathy Evans-Palmisano, and Chi Chi Rivera

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Chi Chi Rivera, Regina Rivers, and Kathy Evans-PalmisanoSITE NITE just celebrated its 5th anniversary. It has become a destination for many people who are trying to find an approach to life that embraces many points of view.

RR: Over these five years, we’ve always believed that the right people are called to attend. The right people show up at the right time. Some who come use it as a springboard and go off and do their own thing when it’s time for them to do that.

KEP: And sometimes people come back, too. They springboard off and take a divergent path and then their path may meander back and meet up with ours again.

DCHP: Chi Chi, you’ve been with the group for most of it’s life, not the whole life though, right?

CCR: I think three years. Maybe two?

RR: I think three years. It feels like forever. (all laugh)

KEP: She was there from the start. She just wasn’t physically present.

CCR: (laughing) My body hadn’t shown up, yet.

It was 2010 and it was January. That was the first meeting I attended.

DCHP: And you’re indispensable now.(all laugh) In terms of what you do and…

RR: Yes.

KEP: Strongly affirmative.

CCR: You know, we work very coherently as a team.

KEP: Yeah, we do!

CCR: There are many heads to this snake. (all laugh)

RR: What is it? Medusa? SITE NITE’s Medusa.

KEP: More like a Hydra – ya cut one off and two more appear. (laughter redoubles)

DCHP: So how long has SITE NITE been going, now?

RR: Our first meeting was March 23, 2009.

DCHP: You just had your fifth anniversary.

RR: Yeah, and this year, we are hoping to attract more men because we want to be balanced energetically.

This year, in 2014, we made it a purpose to engage more men as presenters and quite a few have accepted.

DCHP: So do you think it’s a presentation thing or maybe it’s more that women are more ready and able to say, “You know what? I don’t know.” and “Let’s find out.”

CCR: Women are receptive to this teaching. We’re naturally good teachers. So, the energy consists of a lot of feminine presentation. That’s why we have to try to keep it balanced. Why we have to ask men to come, to participate and be part of the structure of what we’re building.

RR: And, we’re not just seeking diversity of gender identity but also ethnicity. We want individuals from as many cultural backgrounds as possible to feel welcome to come and work with us. This is beginning to occur now as well.

DCHP: You raise an interesting point about ethnicity. I’m just curious if you’ve noticed whether there’s a particular ethnic slant to the people who show up at the meetings.

RR: Sadly, I think most of us are white, you know?

KEP: Although socioeconomically I think there’s a wide range. We want to have a bouquet. (all laugh) And the age range is fairly wide. We certainly attract [many ages]. We have children there with their parents but we also have the twenty and thirty somethings there. Up to the seventies. I don’t think there’s anybody older than that.

RR: We get the “Younger Tribe members,” as we call the teens and twenties and mid-thirty year olds. And some of the younger tribe members have brought their parents and some have brought their children.

DCHP: I’m wondering if to some extent the ethnic slant you’re noticing might be a reflection of the general population.

RR: Oh, I think that’s true. I don’t think it has anything to do with our receptivity at all. I think it’s who finds us and who has the ability to come because some people just don’t have cars and it’s hard for them to come via bus.

Though a lot of the younger tribe members come by bus…

DCHP: I was just going to say that just yesterday I was talking to a young person. They are in the habit of going all over the place with buses. They think nothing of sitting on a bus for over an hour to get to something that’s worthwhile.

RR: It would be nice for Peaceburgh to have more public transportation available.

DCHP: OK. So I’m curious. How do you get information?

KEP: When I’m alone, when I’m not bombarded with daily intrusions, daily living…in the shower, or just when I’m settling into sleep. Information will pop into my head and… I have a notebook beside my bed and I have to jot down notes, or I’ll ask my husband to transcribe when I’m in the shower. When I’m silent information can download more easily.

And also… when I’m working with people, because when I’m working with people, that’s when I’m open and receptive and so I just hear information in my head that just comes through. Long ago I allowed myself to just say it without editing it.

DCHP: You’re nodding your head, Chi Chi. Did you have a similar experience?

CCR: Um, not really. I love hearing how you receive information mostly because I hear commonality in lots of people’s stories. – They get things when they’re alone and when they get into private space, whatever the case may be.

For me, I get it when I’m alone and not necessarily quiet like that. I’m normally in the car. I get great ideas when I’m in the car because it’s like, you know, I’m not actively working on solutions. When I’m in the car, I’m just paying attention to driving.

RR: I have to say that when the idea for SITE NITE came, I was by myself, though I wasn’t in the shower as I often am when inspiration comes! I was sitting at my desk after having gone to a spiritualist church that night.

I wanted to open up to all kinds of realms and to learn all kinds of information. And, then it was like this information downloaded in me saying, “well just start sharing what you know with those you know.”

I said, “Wow, now that’s a good idea!” Almost right away the name “SITE NITE” came and I wrote it down. I was thinking, “Okay, I want the experience to be spiritual. I want people to be able to use their intuition…”

From there I thought, “S.I.T.E.” and the rest of the words spelling it out came – telepathic and how we want to expand our consciousness. So, that process came pretty fast. I mean it was like, “Zzzzzt! Here ya go, girl!” SITE stands for Spiritual, Intuitive and Telepathic Expansion.

I didn’t keep these thoughts to myself long at all. I’m not sure if it was that night or the next when I sent the information to my friends and said, “Okay, what do you think of this?”

The inspiration came… I think it was March 10th and so we decided that we were going to get together for the first time on March 23rd. That was in 2009.

DCHP: It [SITE NITE] is well attended from what I’ve seen so far. That’s really amazing.

RR: I think so, too. Starting with 6 and now we’re in our sixties. The [attendance] numbers are in the sixties. (all laugh)

DCHP: So if someone had just heard about SITE NITE and wanted to attend or were interested in attending, what would that person experience?

KEP: One of the things that I hear repetitively is that they have found a community and that they are grateful for having a community of like thinkers. – People who are open to new ideas. People who are in touch with their spiritual side or wanting to become more in touch with their spiritual side and open to greater gifts or understanding their own gifts better.

DCHP: Do you have a rule about presenters’ geographic location?

RR: We do want to focus on being from Peaceburgh because this is about the gifts in Peaceburgh but we certainly don’t limit it in terms of location. Presenters come from Ohio, Virginia, and West virginia, and as far away as Oregon.

KEP: Yeah. We’re about raising the consciousness. So anybody who’s got information that’ll help Peaceburgh in any way to raise our consciousness, then [we say,] “Please, come. Share what you know.”

DCHP: This is the third or fourth time I’ve heard the term “Peaceburgh.” Are you using “Peaceburgh” as a name for the city or in terms of

KEP: “Peaceburgh” is the nickname of Pittsburgh. That’s how we’re using it.

RR: I could be wrong but I believe that Peaceburgh, the website, derived from the fact that we began calling the city Peaceburgh.

And, actually, Pittsburgh was first nicknamed Peaceburgh back in the Vietnam era (all make exclamations).

Yes, it was first used back then during protest rallies and so this is a resurgence of the nickname. But we are using it in a different way. Our job, again, is to raise the consciousness of this city and in doing that, we’re bringing peace to this area.

CCR: We’re bringing peace to this ‘Burgh. (all laugh)

RR: And how do you create peace? You create peace by generating an understanding that we are: (a) all one so that unity consciousness is manifest; and the other piece is (b) by generating tolerance and acceptance. So, in terms of SITE NITE’s Core Values and how we establish the vision for SITE NITE, creating peace is essential. Treating others respectfully, using loving-kindness, even when there’s disagreement, is extremely important. It is also important to listen to each other with open hearts and open minds.

KEP: I feel that so much of the culture’s code comes from the scarcity mentality. You know, there’re only so many people to buy this product so you have to get all of them. There’re only so many people to come to SITE NITE so they can’t go anywhere [else].

It’s that mentality that there isn’t enough to go around and that’s just not true. We have an absolute abundance and so there is more than enough for everybody to have everything they need, including a market for their product and people to support their cause and people to come to their presentation and I think that’s huge.

DCHP: I agree. Personally, from what I’ve seen, it’s even funnier than that because not only is it not true that there’s a scarcity but we actually are richer when we share.

RR: And again, that’s the reason for SITE NITE. That’s our reason for sharing information.

DCHP: That’s saying a lot. That’s very powerful.

RR: I think that’s because it was SITE NITE’s time.

For me, if anything I’m doing becomes a struggle, then whatever that struggle is, is not meant to happen. So far, everything that’s happened with SITE NITE has flowed very easily, very gently. When things are flowing, we go with it. When things are not flowing, we set it aside because it’s not ours to do…at least at that particular time.

DCHP: So where do you see SITE NITE going? I know that you would like to build a healing center. What else do you have in mind?

RR: We are hoping to create SITE NITE satellites around the country. Our plan is to create a packet that we can hand over to other communities from which they can begin their own SITE NITE satellite groups. Our SITE NITE CORE Member Team is doing the heavy legwork and we will pass it forward. Why not share this outside Peaceburgh?

I do want to say that we’re in the process of incorporating. We’re becoming SITE Center and SITE NITE will then be one of the subcategories under SITE Center.

We will have many different aspects eventually under SITE Center that are under wraps right now. In the meantime, we’re proceeding with the paperwork so that we can be recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

DCHP: Anything else you want to say?

CCR: I’m just along for the ride.


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